Cullman Collaborative Books

Students-- You have done an excellent job with this project. Thank you for your continued participation. On May 8th we will be attending a workshop surrounding technology projects in the state of Alabama. Your book is one of three featured projects! Congrats! We are so very proud of you and realize how hard you are working. PLEASE work to finish your stories so that we can have a finished product to publish. Next year, maybe we can expand to allow other schools across the state to join us (though I KNOW they'll have a hard time keeping up with the caliber of work you have created :) ). Thanks again and keep typing!=

Join us as we take a stab at authoring books. These will be collaborative books, multiple genres, with illustrations all completed by middle school students! Follow the following links to your genre of choice:

Composing Fantasy (fantasy)

Not Necessarily Based on Fact (fiction)

Get Out Your CSI Kit (mystery)

It Coulda Happened (realistic fiction)

Poetic Pinings (poetry)

By Student Request (*New Addition*)

This project was created for the Alabama Best Practices Center 21st Century Schools project, in partnership with Microsoft Partners in Learning. The project is supported by 10 Alabama educators who have been selected and trained to be ABPC’s “21st Century Teacher Fellows.” The project’s leadership includes staff from the Alabama Best Practices Center and two consultants who are experts in 21st Century Learning and virtual professional communities. Also involved in this specific page are five educators from the Cullman City Schools district, in an effort to encourage student use of technology, reading, and writing. Students, we are now beginning to receive requests from across the country to join your space and see what you're doing!! If you see an unfamiliar name in here, it is an approved visitor. We're happy to have these folks join us!! :)